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What we do:

The Heart and Lung Transplant Foundation of Western Australia Inc is a non-government, non-medical, not-for-profit organisation, based in Western Australia. As a charitable organisation, the Foundation relies on fundraising, donations and sponsorship to fund its work.

Our mission is to support the heart and lung transplant community so that Western Australians who suffer heart and / or lung disease have the opportunity to participate fully in their day to day life.

We do this by:
  • Funding lung and heart transplant research

  • Supporting patients who need, or have had, heart and / or lung transplants

  • Providing essential heart and lung equipment for Fiona Stanley Hospital

  • Raising awareness of heart and lung disease and organ donation

As a non-medical organisation, we cannot offer medical advise related to heart and lung conditions or transplantation.

While we are a small not-for-profit organisation, we are energetic, and over the last decade the Foundation has been able to make an impact on the heart and lung transplant community.

The Foundation enjoys collaborative relationships with a number of stakeholder groups including:
  • Members of the Heart and Lung Transplant Foundation

  • Patients who have had a heart and / or lung transplant

  • Staff at the FSH Heart and Lung Transplant Units

Other groups / organisations in the transplant / heart / lung arena:
  • The WA Health Department

  • Researchers  (Universities and FSH)

  • Patients with lung and heart disease

  • Potential patients (all Western Australians)

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