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Membership of the Heart and Lung Transplant Foundation is open to anyone who has a desire to make a difference for people with heart and lung disease.

All heart and lung transplant patients, family, friends, carers and those who have an interest in organ donation benefit from being a member of the Foundation. Being a member keeps you in touch with like minded individuals with a passion for making the lives of others in need better. Foundation members are keen to raise the public’s awareness of organ and tissue donation and to spread the word especially because it is usually a very personal story.

As a member, you will have access to our quarterly newsletter which has relevant information for our patients, as well as updates of what is happening within the Foundation and the heart and lung transplant community.

For heart and lung transplant patients, membership provides access to other patients in similar situations and can provide contact with the extended family and carers of patients, providing opportunities for sharing experiences and exchanging ideas.

To complete a membership form click here

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