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Our Success

Through the support of our volunteers, sponsors and stakeholders the Foundation has had a number of achievements. These include:

  • Contributing to the establishment of the Lung Transplant Unit at Royal Perth Hospital (RPH) complementing the Advanced Lung Disease Programme and the Advanced Heart Failure and Cardiac Transplant Services at the hospital, adding greater capacity and technology for Western Australia.  Since then, more than 100 heart and lung transplants have occurred.

  • Providing Research funding for Fiona Stanley Hospital Advanced Heart Failure and Cardiac Transplant Service which continues to gain world-wide attention through its revolutionary technology using mechanical heart pumps.

  • Provided Foundation funds to help establish the first Australian screening programme for patients with the debilitating condition of Scleroderma.  The screening program allows early identification and early and more effective treatment of serious lung problems.

  • Donated a Transmedic Organ Care Systems to Royal Perth Hospital to ensure that WA is leading the nation with leading edge medical technology and assisting in saving lives for WA heart and lung transplant patients. No other hospital in Australia has this technology.  The trans-medic unit is a specialised piece of medical equipment for the healthy storage of hearts during transport from patient donation to transplant recipient. The equipment keeps the donated heart active and alive with blood continually pumping through it during this transplant phase.  The benefit for WA is that a donated heart can be transported from the most remote region or large city in Australia for WA patients awaiting that promise of a new heart.

  • Encourage and Support research where possible.

  • Hosting the annual Tree Planting and Thanksgiving Ceremony – a collaborative event with DonateLife and PlusLife to commemorate and reflect on the remarkable and generous gift of life by organ and tissue donors

  • Provide equipment to aid and support patients in the Community, in both pre and post-transplant setting.

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