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Organ Donation

Organ and tissue donation saves lives. Australians fundamentally agree with the principle of organ donation and the benefits that it brings to individuals, families and the wider community. Over the past decade there has been a significant effort to improve community engagement on the topic of organ and tissue donation.  As the graph below shows there has been a steady increase in deceased organ donors, climbing to 510 in 2017. This allowed for 1402 individuals to receive a lifesaving organ transplant last year. That included 125 heart transplants and 199 lung transplants nationally.

Details in the National Organ and Tissue Authority Performance Reports provide data on progress in implementing the national reform programme.

Donation and Transplantation Activity Report 2017 (1.87 MB PDF)

Fact sheets on the following topics are available on the DonateLife website;

  • Latest facts and statistics

  • Why is registration important?

  • Reasons why consented donors do not proceed to donation        

  • Patients listed for solid organ transplantation     

  • 2017 Comparing International Organ Donation Outcomes             

  • Why you need to discuss your donation decision

  • Myths and misconceptions about organ and tissue donation

  • Organ Donation and your Religion

How to register to be an organ donor

You can register online, using an app or filling in a printed form.

•your Medicare online account through myGov

•the Express Plus Medicare mobile app

•the online form on the DonateLife website Click here.

•the Australian Organ Donor Register form Click here.


Other community transplant organisations:

  • Aussie Transplant Mates

  • Coen Ashton Foundation

  • David Hookes Foundation

  • Eurobodalla Renal Support Group

  • Gift of life Inc.

  • Heart and Lung Transplant Trust (Victoria) Inc

  • Kidney Health Australia

  • LiverKids Australia

  • Organ Donation and Transplant Foundation of WA

  • Sammy D Foundation

  • Transplant Australia

  • 'Lucky Stars Australia' Transplant Cricket Inc.

  • Zaidee's Rainbow Foundation

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